v0.34 - Permanent Bots, Recharge Stations & Voices!

A new update has been released. (Currently only available for downloadable versions. For web, this is still pending approval.)

Introducing the RECHARGE STATION!

Bots can now be recharged with batteries at the recharge station. For now, they will be permanent, but based on feedback and balancing, if it is too overpowered, they may be limited to expire after 50 in-game days.

They can be upgraded in two ways:

  1. Charge faster
  2. Charge more bots at once

Blinking lights have been added to low power facilities.

Settlers who walk by you will also speak  with actual voice audio, which I think breathes a lot of life into the game. Their speech also changes based on their state! (e.g. hungry vs thirsty vs tired settlers)

Long changelog:


  • - Bots are now permanent
  • - Added a recharge station
  • - Settlers can now talk!
  • - Added new resources: Dextrin , Sulfur
  • - Can now assign settlers to storages
  • - When changing buildings' outputs, assigned workers are no longer reset
  • - Added Filtration Device Lv 3
  • - Added Chemical Plant Lv 2
  • Quality of Life:
  • - Removed restriction where you were unable to build due to "overlapping with player" error
  • - Sort inventory button now sorts by item types/categories
  • - Search feature when selecting resources for storage input/output


  • - Batteries are now produced in twos, and requires Sulfur
  • - First 5 settlers ask for significantly less resources (no more than 8)
  • - Rain now lasts 2x longer and 2x less frequent
  • - AI Hubs use 50% less power
  • - Settlers can no longer dance when injured
  • - Certain item recipes have been changed to use the new resources


  • - Added bots panel
  • - Settler priorities panel now displays and sorts by building type
  • - Added new voice volume setting
  • - Assign/Unassign button now has different colour indicators
  • - Added low power visual indicators to all 9 electrical facilities


  • - Golden Fishes now appear in the sea


  • - Mecha Pump no longer invisible
  • - Settlers should now deliver to or interact with nearest buildings when possible
  • - Settlers will now go to bars even if consuming drinks put them over 100 thirst or happiness
  • - Rain audio no longer plays underwater
  • - Fixed errors related to farm input/outputs
  • - Fixed upgraded birdhouses not showing poop
  • - Fixed issue where max pollution was not increased when reloading a savefile with Pollution Reduction research
  • - Fixed issue where in multiplayer lobby, character animations were not playing
  • - Fixed player character unable to consume medicine to restore health
  • - Fixed issue with farms and snack tables causing characters to get stuck

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